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Through our secure and mobile-friendly Customer Portal, allows you to fully manage and customize your phone system, monitor calling activity, view call detail history, all in real time from any location around the world. Admin features are available only to you or to your designated employees.

DID Routing

Choose an alternative route (value route and premium route for Canada) for your DID through the user-friendly VOCA Phone Customer Portal.

Real-Time Balance Checking

Quickly check your current balance or view other account information through the VOCA Phone easy-to-use Customer Portal..

Inbound Toll-Free Numbers

Allow customers to call you from anywhere in the US, Canada or the world by choosing one of the available VOCA Phone 1 800 numbers without incurring long-distance charges. Transfer your existing toll-free number to the VOCA Phone network at no charge.

Outbound Toll-Free Calls

Call any 1 800 number in the US, Canada or around the world without incurring long-distance charges.

Maximum Rate / Time Limit

Set a time limit or cap rate on US/Canada, US48 and international calls (maximum hours per call).

Allowed Calling Areas

Select the countries/regions that you would like your account to have outbound calling access to. Enable or disable international calls as needed.

Foreign IP Guard

Prevent any foreign country IP from accessing your Customer Portal. Receive a notification email whenever a foreign IP attempts to access your portal, and choose to block or authorize this IP.

Security Email Notification

Receive an email notification of any modification to the system’s settings (password change, balance threshold modification, calls made to 911 emergency service, etc.).

E911 Caller ID

Set one distinctive caller ID for all calls placed to E911. All outbound calls placed to emergency services with Enhanced 911 show your organization’s number and location to the emergency operator.

Day-&-Time Call Management

Route your calls to another phone number or voice mail according to the time of day (i.e. during business hours or holidays, or outside business hours, etc.).

Graphic User Reports

Use your VoIP analysis module to capture and analyze incoming and outgoing calls and graphically display analysis results in bar or pie charts.

Account Statistics

Continuously monitor quality of service on your VOCA network by collecting detailed statistics, including answered/unanswered calls, call distribution, agent report, status report, queue report.

Add Funds

Add funds to your account instantly with easy-to-use VOCA Phone Customer Portal, and pay via PayPal or Credit Card.

Generate Invoice

Use the VOCA Phone Customer Portal to easily generate your own invoice to see all recent transactions (monthly fees, incoming and outgoing calls, or any other service) according to the date range you select.

Available Numbers

Easy DID ordering process through the VOCA Phone Customer Portal, in over 58 countries. Choose among a list of numbers (toll-free, fax, vanity toll-free, non-geographical) from any province, state or local calling area or select a number from our list of international virtual numbers.

Server Options

Choose among 50 servers strategically-located in Canada, the US, Australia, Europe, etc. for optimal latency and quality, and seamless handover to a backup server in case of outage.

Music On Hold

Choose up to 11 genres of music or beep configurations to communicate with callers placed on hold.


Register more than one device to make or receive calls simultaneously. Use sub accounts as an internal extension for your office or residence. Unlimited registration of devices/servers.

Downloadable & Printable CDRs

Use our Customer Portal to print or download call detail reports in CSV, Excel, XML and SQL formats.

Detailed CDRs

View your detailed outbound and inbound phone call history for the period of time of your choice.
Sort your call logs by date, duration, account, billed calls, free calls or generate detailed reports on call outcomes (answered, no answer, busy, failed).

Check Rates Online

Find out how much you will pay when calling a specific number, prefix, country through VOCA Phone easy-to-use Rates section in the Customer Portal. Choose between value and premium routes for Canada, US, international and toll-free calls.

DID Portability

Transfer any number (toll-free, fax, international, geographical) from another provider in over 50 countries to VOCA network. Toll-free numbers, local USA/Canada and even international numbers can be ported to VOCA.

Low Balance Email Notification

Receive an email notification to your email address when your account reaches a low balance limit that is below your defined balance threshold.

Fail-Over for Incoming Calls

Redirect incoming calls to your DID number or to your preferred communication devices, like your mobile phone computer or tablet during power, Internet or network outages. You can also customize your routing option for failovers, such as no answer, unreachable or busy.

IP Authentication & IAX Support

In addition to name and password authentication, provides customers with added security with the option to authenticate their system via IP address. VOCA Phone also supports IAX protocol for customers who wish to transport VoIP telephony sessions between servers.

External Extension

Define your own quick dial access numbers (extension number) to contact sub-accounts directly and internally for free no matter where you are located. Make calls between extensions, between home and office, or even between Canada and the US or any other country in the world.

Vanity Toll-Free Numbers

Get a customized toll-free number for either business or personal use. Choose among a vast selection of available numbers from our Customer Portal.

Customer Portal

Access to the VOCA Phone Customer Portal to order and manage DIDs, sub-accounts, voicemail, obtain call detail records, printable CDR’s, account statistics, add funds, get account balance and announcements and service status updates.

Call Back

Turn your outgoing calls into incoming calls. Set a number from Canada, United States or any other country to receive a call back (dial tone) and make free outgoing calls through VOCA network as if calling from your local mobile number, without paying roaming charges or long-distance calls.

SIP Compatability

Network that supports all software and devices using SIP protocol (ATA devices, IP phones, softphones, IP PBX servers, Asterisk, softswitch).

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